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I have a simple java code that reads text csv file that contains sentences with double quotations: "sentence1","sentence2","sentence3". I want to read some of these sentences(e.g, sentence 1 and 3). I created a buffer reader and used readLine() then used: tokens = fileLine.split(","); where tokens is an array of strings.

I accessed the sentences I'm interested in using the array index as: tokens[0], tokens[3]. The problem is that, I want the sentences only without the double quotations. But my program saved the sentences with "". How can I improve the parsing technique so I can save the sentences without "" ??

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Use a csv parser (there are plenty, including open source solutions) - it will make your life easier (stackoverflow.com/questions/200609/…). –  assylias Jun 21 '12 at 15:08
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How about String#replaceAll:

theSentence = theSentence.replaceAll("\"", "");

In newer Java versions, I think from Java 5, you can use String#replace(CharSequence,CharSequence) as well:

theSentence = theSentence.replace("\"", "");

And avoid the overhead of regex

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I think theSentence.replace("\"", ""); works as well. Correct me if I'm wrong. –  BlackVegetable Jun 21 '12 at 15:06
@BlackVegetable - you're right, I just edited the answer, but this is not available in older Java versions. –  MByD Jun 21 '12 at 15:08
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You could do the following:

s = s.substring(1, s.length()-1);
tokens = s.split("\",\"");

Please note that your implementation parses input line "Hello, world","second sentence" as the array

"second sentence"

The above code works only if your lines do not contain (escaped) quotes themselves.

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You could use the method String.replaceAll(regex, replacement).

For example:

String s = "hello world";
s = s.replaceAll("o","X");
//s now equals "hellX wXrld"

In your case you would want your regex to be: "\"" And your replacement to be: ""

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If you want to remove just " from beginning and end of string you can do it also this way:

String sentence="\"my sentence\"";
System.out.println(sentence);//out->"my sentence"

sentence = sentence.substring(1,sentence.length()-1);   
System.out.println(sentence);//out->my sentence
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As a more of an interesting solution than anything, rather than splitting right away, why not do this?

String inputFromCSV; // This would have the value of what you read from the CSV.
String[] tokens = inputFromCSV.split("\",\""); // Essentially ","

Actually looking at it, it's not that bad, and will work so long as your file keeps the same format.

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