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I'm coding a comment system for an ASP.NET application written in C#. Ideally, I want something similar to what we have on Stack Overflow. Is there an existing library that would allow me to parse specific part of HTML/BBCode (to support only Basic HTML)? Or is it simply better to write one from scratch, including the Javascript, etc.. ?

The Ajax Toolkit "Editor" control doesn't look all that safe and doesn't seem to exclude the HTML code that could be written but for which you didn't add any button.

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The comment system on SO consists of a hand rolled Markdown Editor (Can get one here), numerous JQuery extensions (Another with JQuery) and main library and a number of AJAX/JSON calls done through JQuery.

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StackOverflow uses a custom implementation of the Markdown format. It's very lightweight, which means it uses a simple syntax but is quite powerful, whilst not being WYSIWIG. You would probably be best off going with something like Markdown.NET or possibly just using the WMD (Wysiwym Markdown Editor).

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