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I'm trying to render a table using DisplayTag. Everything works normally when I render a column in the usual manner:

<display:column property="id_material" title="ID" />

Now, i want one column to show 2 properties concatenated. So I tried using the < s:property > tag:

<display:column title="UNIDAD"><s:property value="property1"/> <s:property value="property2"/></display:column>

But no value is showed in the column. Is there an alternative way to do this?

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You can use a decorator, get the row object properties and return the concatenation of both.

A quick example:

    public class ExampleDecorator extends TableDecorator{

    public String getConcatenatedProperties(){

    Object object = getCurrentRowObject();
    return object.getProperty1() + " " + getProperty2();


Then you add a column in the display table:

<display:column property="concatenatedProperties" title="Properties" />

To use the decorator in the displaytag:

<display:table [..]  decorator="org.example.ExampleDecorator" [...] >
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Try to add uid attribute in table tag and then you can access current row in Struts2 via request attribute. See following code:

<display:table name="list" uid="row">
    <display:column title="UNIDAD"><s:property value="#attr.row.property1"/>    <s:property value="#attr.row.property2"/>
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