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it isn't possible to call a model's methods in a template without making your own template method. Hence, to show, say, the number of upvotes for a comment:


each comment, before it is sent to the template, has a rating_set member added to it like so:

comment.rating_set = comment.rating_set.filter(vote=1).count()

simple enough, however there are several ways for a comment to be retrieved (that is, several methods that are used to get a comment, depending on the situation). The template is constantly used.

For each method, its possible to alter it so instead of:

return commentList

it reads

return addInVotes(commentList)

where addInVotes is just a simple function that loops through each comment in the list, and then runs the above code to add the rating_count value.

the question here then is this - instead of adding this across all the methods, is it possible to "attach" the code to model.get and model.filter? I'm aware i can extend the Model for the comment to have a newly defined filter and get, but is there any other way? It seems like the kind of thing dJango would have hidden away somewhere.

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Take a look at the manager object, it was pretty much designed for this exact use case. –  Elliott Jun 21 '12 at 15:23
@Elliott hey! put this as an answer and i'll mark you up, this was just what i needed. –  bharal Jun 21 '12 at 17:48

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Take a look at the Manager object. You can create a subclass of the default manager with additional methods that do common filtering, in one place, instead of in every view.

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