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I have installed MacVim, and https://github.com/skwp/dotfiles (including all the dependencies such as zsh, etc). and I am having trouble getting auto complete to work.

When I'm typing

<tit a pink box shows up with <title>Index</title> and according to the https://github.com/skwp/dotfiles documentation pressing tab will make it autocomplete. Which sometimes works, sometimes it just adds two spaces, however that's not really my question.

When it does auto complete it turns it into

<<title>Index</title>> notice the two < and >

How can I fix this?

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Wow… 79 plugins? Really?

At a low level, your problem is that you give someone else too much power over your configuration, your toolset and your workflow.

At a higher level, you are probably misusing your config's auto-completion feature. I think that you have a conflict between the neocomplcache, delimitmate and snipmate plugins: the 1st deals with auto-completion, the 2nd automatically closes pairs of characters (<>,"",()…) while the 3rd does "tab-expansion" on the tit keyword.

Basically, I believe that you are supposed to type tit<Tab> instead of <tit<Tab> to avoid triggering delimitmate.

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