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Simple question. Are there any tools for generating Xcode projects from the command line? We use SCons to build our cross-platform application, but that doesn't support intrinsic Xcode project generation. We'd like to avoid creating the project manually, since this would involve maintaining multiple file lists.

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I think that your question should be "Is there a way to generate an XCode project from a SCons one?". I suppose, by your asking and by reading the others, that the answer is 'no'.

SCons people should know it better. I think they will be happy if you contribute a SCons Xcode project generator.

In the meantime you may choose to switch to CMake or to create your XCode project by hand that, given a good source tree organization, may be the best pragmatic solution.

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Look at CMake. You can generate XCode projects from it automatically. I found a previous StackOverflow question about its usage here. To get it to generate an XCode project, you use it as such:

CMake -G xcode
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Yeah, we're trying to avoid converting the project to CMake... I guess we could generate a CMakeLists.txt file from SCons, or maybe not ;) – nbolton Jul 11 '09 at 17:27

You can use premake ( to generate Xcode projects. It can also generate Visual Studio projects.

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qmake in the Qt toolchain generates Xcode projects. You can at least download it and take a look at its source here (LGPL).

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You could use Automator to generate them for you.

I checked and there is no prebuilt action. Therefore you would have to record your actions with Automator to do this.

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Just checked out Automator, I'm not sure its what I'm looking for since it uses the GUI to perform operations. I was thinking more like a command based approach... Thanks anyway. – nbolton Jul 11 '09 at 17:25

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