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I want to know what kind of system is this, or at least what it is called..

It is because I don't what to search in the internet. Also, I don't know what to call it once I submit my proposal..

I will try my best to describe this and provide as much info as I can.

DESCRIPTION: The system is an offline system, but should be ready to go online (or at least has the capability to be used online, for future use.)

-- the system is a 3-tier system. Composed of (from highest to lowest) a.) main office b.) regional office c.)sub-offices

Now, (just an example) MAIN OFFICE - has 3 regional office REGIONAL OFFICE - has 5 sub-offices SUB-OFFICE - no branch/es

SCENARIO: ~ The sub-office will generate a report and send it to the regional office. ~ Each of the regional office will collect report/s coming from each of their sub-office and collate/combine those reports and generate a new report which will be sent to the MAIN OFFICE.. ~ The main office will then collect all the report/s they receive from the regional office then collate/combine them and then analyze them.

PROBLEM/s: 1.) What is this system called? - I want to know what this type of system is called because I don't know what to search for in the internet so that I will be able to use those as references for our proposal.

2.) Can I ask for link/s that I can use as reference?

NOTE: * If possible, can I also ask for references about accounting system? (as to what they are composed of) that is if this will be allowed though.. if not, it's fine.. * I need to know what this kind of system is called, (or at least what is the CLOSEST that will or can do this..)

~ links or references will do..

Thank you in advance.. ^_^

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If you are looking for programming idioms, the publisher-subscriber and aggreagator patterns come to mind –  Attila Jun 21 '12 at 15:42
For now, I am trying to determine what this kind/type of system is called. Because everytime I search it using google or yahoo, I reach a dead end.. –  user1468480 Jun 21 '12 at 15:46
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You describe distributed system.

Such systems may solve different types of work. Reporting and aggregation is one of such types.

Typicaly distributed systems consists of several nodes, communicating with each other in some manner.

For connection between nodes different approaches could be used, such as:

  • file export and import (periodical or based on event communication)
  • publish/subscribe schema (one sender and many receivers)
  • point to point integration ( one sender and one receiver)
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