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I've got an array of values that i need to parse through and extract the values to a new array based off a certain character

eg value: 2012-04-19T19:21:07-08:00

I want to loop through an array populated w/ values like the above and extract everything from that value after the "T" from each position in the array and populate a new array with those results.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

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Using substr() and indexOf() string methods you can achieve. Ex:

var x = '2012-04-19T19:21:07-08:00'
x.substr( x.indexOf('T') + 1 ); // output: "19:21:07-08:00"
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var d        = new Date('2012-04-19T19:21:07-08:00');

var hour     = d.getHours();
var minutes  = d.getMinutes();
var seconds  = d.getSeconds();

There are a lot more features in the Date Object...

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