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I have a table with two radio buttons for each row, these buttons are approve and reject, so for each row they'll have different name.

When I get the value of selected radio button into jquery the first choice will affect the rest, means if I choose approve for the first, no matter what I select for the rest their status becomes approved!

here are the codes:


var status=$('input:radio[name=status_input_+ID]:checked').val();


<input name="status_input_<?php echo $id; ?>" type="radio" value="Approved">
<input name="status_input_<?php echo $id; ?>" type="radio" value="Rejected">
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Use this :

var status=$('input:radio[name="status_input_'+ID+'"]:checked').val();

value should be enclosed in quotes. Refer this link

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You have not put radio button name correctly in your code, you should use quotes in the name.

var status=$('input:radio[name="status_input_'+ID+'"]:checked').val();

I have edited your fiddle. Check it.

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