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var currentId = $(this).attr('id')+"S";
$("#" + currentId).show("bounce");

.stay { 
<div id="parent">
  <a id="aaa"></a>
  <a id="bbb"></a>
  <a id="ccc"></a>
  <div id="holder">
     <div class="stay" style="display:inline"></div><!--Starting Div, leaving on first mouseover-->
     <div class="stay" id="aaaS"></div>
     <div class="stay" id="bbbS"></div>
     <div class="stay" id="cccS"></div>

I have my anchors and a corresponding div for each and a shared class="stay". The divs start out hidden, and on mouseover of the corresponding anchor I would like them to display in a holder div. The divs contain an image, and when i had it all individually scripted quick mousing would result in all the divs stacked down the page. Tried .stop() and .clearqueue() to no avail, so I wanted to try one catch all process. The issue is it doesn't recognize the anchor as being the element I am asking for the ID of. I'm really knew to this so any help is appreciated. Edit - I have the divs being selected now, but they are still stacking down the page if i mouse over the anchors too quickly.

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Ended up using hoverIntent super happy with the results.

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