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I'm Trying to extend a non-moose class, and when I call an accessor defined by moose for my extended class I'm getting the following error:

Not a HASH reference at accessor MyGraph::weight (defined at MyGraph.pm line 8) line 8

This is the simplified code:

package MyGraph;

use Moose;
use MooseX::NonMoose;

extends 'Graph';

has 'weight' => (
   is => 'ro',
   isa => 'Num',

no Moose;

package main;
my $g = MyGraph->new;
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MooseX::NonMoose doesn't, out of the box, enable you to subclass a non-hashref class, and Graph uses an arrayref for its instances. The docs mention this, and suggest using MooseX::InsideOut to enable compatibility with non-moose classes that have other instance types.

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Thank you! I worked great. –  quicoju Jun 21 '12 at 17:29

The reference that the non-Moose class uses as its instance type must match the instance type that Moose is using. Moose's default instance type is a hashref.

Graph uses ARRAYREF as its instance type. MooseX::InsideOut is the solution.

package MyGraph;

use Moose;
use MooseX::InsideOut;
use MooseX::NonMoose;

extends 'Graph';
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I've never done this but this looks like it might be what you want. http://metacpan.org/pod/MooseX::NonMoose

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He is using MooseX::NonMoose. –  hobbs Jun 21 '12 at 16:49
Heh. Sorry. Didn't notice. –  jmcneirney Jun 21 '12 at 16:56

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