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I have a large number of images of a fixed size (say 500*500). I want to write a python script which will resize them to a fixed size (say 800*800) but will keep the original image at the center and fill the excess area with a fixed color (say black).

I am using PIL. I can resize the image using the resize function now, but that changes the aspect ratio. Is there any way to do this?

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You can create a new image with the desired new size, and paste the old image in the center, then saving it. If you want, you can overwrite the original image (are you sure? ;o)

import Image

old_im = Image.open('someimage.jpg')
old_size = old_im.size

new_size = (800, 800)
new_im = Image.new("RGB", new_size)   ## luckily, this is already black!
new_im.paste(old_im, ((new_size[0]-old_size[0])/2,

# new_im.save('someimage.jpg')
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Yes, there is.

Make something like this:

import Image, ImageOps

You can write the same at several lines:

import Image, ImageOps
img = Image.open('original-image.png')
img_with_border = ImageOps.expand(img,border=300,fill='black')

And you say that you have a list of images. Then you must use a cycle to process all of them:

import Image, ImageOps
for i in list-of-images:
  img = Image.open(i)
  img_with_border = ImageOps.expand(img,border=300,fill='black')
  img_with_border.save('bordered-%s' % i)
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Interesting. Would it be possible to choose different borders for top-bottom and left-right, so the new image size can be the parameter, instead of the border size? –  heltonbiker Jun 21 '12 at 17:01
Thanks, can I make the x and y values of the border different... something like say (100,50)? –  Nihar Sarangi Jun 21 '12 at 17:02
okay found a work around, ImageOps.expand(Image.open('original-image.png'),border=(300,500),fill='black')‌​.save('imaged-with-border.png') –  Nihar Sarangi Jun 21 '12 at 17:04

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