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Is there any way to configure a different param for the current page number?

for example, I have this paginated url:


And I would like to have the url like this:


Thank you!

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You could simply use the router to transform the URL into something else that matches your needs by adding a rewrite rule for that URL. Without researching it further I think this is the most easy solution.

Another one might be to check in Controller::beforeFilter() if your custom named arg is set and copy/set it to params['named']['page'].

Or extend the Paginator component and create your customized version of it.

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I think the second option you listed is probably easiest. First solution might be overkill since everything would be matched. Third solution is probably the most "correct" way of doing it. All good options :) – jeremyharris Jun 21 '12 at 18:06

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