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My url is and the url for one specific program is I want to change the second URL to along with every other page (they will all have a different path). I have seen a lot of dynamic pages, but none of my page URLs look like what I have seen in other examples. I just need an htaccess file where I can type in the real URL and then type in what I want it to look like in the browser and what people can use. Is there a template I can use? Or even better, a generator that will do it for me? I can't find anything!

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You can use something like this: RewriteRule newPageName oldPageName [L] Pay attention: you have to escape . in the newPageName like this: \.. NewPageName and oldPageName don't include your domain.

In your example this would be right: RewriteRule stroke html/clinicInfo/stroke.html [L] If the user tries to access, he will see the page without a redirect (so the URL stays the same). The [L] avoids that any other RewriteRule will be met.

If you have a special scheme (for example =>, you can use a regex to avoid writing thousands of RewriteRules by hand: RewriteRule ([^/]+) html/clinicInfo/$1.html [L]

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