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I've just started using mongo db, I'm using rockmongo client and my ubuntu terminal as another client. I' ve realized the query using group aggregation like this:

   key: {accountID: true, phone: true },
   cond: {'userId': "oiuoifas2309u"},
   reduce: function(object, prev){ },



And the above query is not getting run in the rockmongo , I initially thought that the query was wrong. and I ran in on the terminal which pulls me the data. So I downloaded and installed mViewer and it didn't work either so I believe there is a way to run these kind of queries in mongo web clients

thanks for reading this .

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You can run aggregate query in "tools->command" panel in your homepage of rockmongo. You may enter query in the input panel like this:

  aggreate : "ns",
  pipeline : [

That will be ok! I have tried, and it works!

Full Example:

{ aggregate : "COLLECTION_NAME",
  pipeline : [
    { $unwind : "$SUB_ARRAY" },
    { $match: {"SUB_ARRAY.field": "value"}},
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