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I want to be able to run Junit tests from the command line, but when I run this command

java -cp /usr/share/java/junit.jar org.junit.runner.JUnitCore [test class name]

All I get back is

OK (0 tests)

Does it have something to do with it being an Android project? I've run that command before and haven't had much issue.


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I just managed to run JUnit tests from command line, but using an adb shell.

The command was ./adb shell am instrument -w com.dddforandroid.api/android.test.InstrumentationTestRunner

More details here.

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This has ended up being my final solution. I just don't understand why the Junit runner wouldn't be able to pick it up. But whatever works I guess. –  ZacAttack Jun 25 '12 at 15:46
I suppose com.dddforandroid.api is your custom package here, with the tests? –  naxa Aug 13 at 10:10
Yes, that is the case. –  andreea.sandu Aug 14 at 11:19

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