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I was trying some commands to show and replace white space characters but now every time I open VIM, It highlights all 's' characters in file. How do I disable it?

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\s is the shorthand for "whitespace". Maybe you have changed a few settings here and there that deal with verymagic or magic? – romainl Jun 21 '12 at 18:36
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:set nohls

will turn off search highlighting. The search pattern is untouched and the next search pattern will not be highlighed (unless you :set hls to turn it back on).

:let @/ = ''

will empty the search pattern, so nothing will be highlighted. Another search will set the search pattern and be highlighted as expected.

And, as another answer states,


temporarily turns off hls — at least until the next search.

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This is likely residual search highlighting. turn it off until the next search with :noh.

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