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JQueryMobile default themes are okay, and I know we can change ourselves using the themeroller. But is there a place I can download customized themes from a list/library?

I dont like the 18x18 px micro images on the header-bar and would like more open and bold icons. Also the icons should work well on high-res screens.

If the swatches and themes are good, can buy as well, but if there are good ones on github, great!

For example, this is good: http://taitems.github.com/iOS-Inspired-jQuery-Mobile-Theme/

Some more examples:

https://github.com/jjoe64/jquery-mobile-android-theme http://www.andymatthews.net/read/2012/02/13/New-jQuery-Mobile-theme:-Twitter-Bootstrap

Thank you,


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There is currently no repository for jQuery Mobile themes. You will have to search them out on your own. I mostly see icon packs associated with jQuery Mobile rather than whole themes. –  Jasper Jun 21 '12 at 19:17

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There's a new theme generator called Graphite For jQuery Mobile 1.2.0. You can see it here:

Graphite - A Theme Pack & Generator For jQuery Mobile

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I like this one:


you can customize it easy.

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Created my own, here's a link to it...




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Well you can always roll your own

Search Google I found these but not sure of good they are

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These are not based on the new theme-roller framework and pretty old... I added two other themes out there ... –  Manish Pradhan Jun 21 '12 at 20:29

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