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I recently changed my project from a Website Project to a Web Application project so I could use build events.

I'm having all sorts of problems now trying to develop.

When I build the project and reload it in the web browser, it hardly ever loads the right version (sometimes it does).

Like if I make a simple update to some text, it will load the last page, like it's using a cached version of the page or something.

Also when I try to debug, it will never hit the breakpoints. I'm not sure what I need to change to fix this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What browser are you using? The chances are the pages are being cached. With most browsers you can do Ctrl + F5 to force a reload of the cached files.

In Internet Explorer, you can change the option for Temporary Internet Files to 'Every time I visit the webpage', but be aware that this affects all sites you visit.

IE Settings

If you are talking about changes to binaries, you might need to do an iisreset. If you are still having issues, try deleting ASP.NET temp files.

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