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I made an autocomplete for a form input field that allows a user to add tags to a list of them. If the user selects any of the suggestions, I want the page to use add the new tag to a section of tags that already exist without the page reloading.

I want this to happen with 3 scenarios:

  1. The user types in the tag, ignores the autocomplete suggestions and presses enter.
  2. After typing in any part of a query, the user selects one of the autocomplete suggestions with the arrow keys and presses enter.
  3. After typing in any part of a query, the user clicks on one of the autocomplete suggestions with the mouse.

I have been able to make scenario 1 work flawlessly. However, scenarios 1 and 2 make the page reload and still doesn't even add the tag to the list.

Scenarios 1 and 2 are both called by the same function:

  onSelect: function(val, data){

And here is the code for addTag():

function addTag(tag){
  var url = '/addTag/' + tag;

  //Call the server to add the tag/
    async: true,
    type: 'GET',
    url: url,
      //Add the tag to the displayed list of already added tags
    dataType: "json"

  //Hide the messages that have been displayed to the user

Scenario 1 code:

function addTagByLookup(e, tag){
  if(e && e.keyCode == 13)
    /*This stops the page from reloading (when the page thinks 
      the form is submitted I assume).
    //If a message is currently being displayed to the user, hide it
    if ($j("#messageBox").is(":visible") && $j("#okayButton").is(":visible")){

      //Give a message to the user that their tag is being loaded
      showMessageBox("Adding the tag <strong>"+tag+"</strong> to your station...",'load');

      //Check if the tag is valid
        var url = '/checkTag/' + tag;
        var isTagValid = checkTag(tag);

        //If the tag is not vaid, tell the user.
        if (isTagValid == false){
          var message = "<strong>"+tag+"</strong>"+
                      " was not recognized as a valid tag or artist. Try something   else.";
          //Prompt the user for a different tag
          showMessageBox(message, 'okay');

        //If the tag is valid
      }, 1000);

I know I used the e.preventDefault functionality for a normal form submit in scenario 1, but I can't seem to make it work with the other scenarios and I'm not even sure that is the real problem.

I am using pylons as the MVC and using this tutorial for the autocomplete.

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I think I diagnosed the problem. I'm pretty sure it's the input tag submitting. Whenever the page reloads, the url has "?newTag=[value]" appended onto the end. I will update with any solutions I find. –  KStensland Jun 21 '12 at 20:15
Also, when I do scenario 2, it goes through scenario 1 up until the before the first line in the addTag() function. –  KStensland Jun 21 '12 at 20:24

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So in case anyone wants to know, my problem was had an easy solution that I should have never had in the first place.

My input tag was embedded in a form which submitted every time the input tag was activated.

I had stopped this problem in scenario 1 by preventing the default event from occurring when the user pressed enter. But since I didn't have access to this event in the jQuery event .autocomplete(), I couldn't prevent it.

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