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I am working on Ubuntu and installed the Azure SDK for Linux and got it working. Using the Linux SDK how do I add Azure WebRole for a node.js service.

I was referring the following tutorial but it only discusses how to create WebRole using cmdlet on Windows

Node.js Cloud Service

Also looked into following link that explains Azure command line for Linux/Mac but I am not able to find any command for creating WebRole using linux SDK

Windows Azure command-line tool for Mac and Linux

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You CAN NOT create WEB ROLE (If you mean a Windows Azure Web Role) in Windows Azure by using "Windows Azure command-line tool for Mac and Linux" because these command are only use with your Virtual Machine Linux (as well as Windows too). Also the Node.js Cloud Service link above will create a Node.js web server in a Windows Azure Virtual Machine so be sure what you are trying to do here. This will not work in your Virtual Machine.

However if you want to create a Linux VM and the run Web Server on it then it sure if possible using the exact commands and the steps will be as below:

  1. Create a Linux VM (upload your own or create VM directly by Linux Gallery Image)
  2. Setup Putty to login to your Linux VM
  3. Install Web Server of your choice using info here over Putty command session

Let me know if you need help in any of above step.

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I was trying to use the sites feature on Windows Azure to deploy a node.js application using git publishing. It requires configuring a WebRole and the Node.js Cloud Service article has a step for creating WebRole but using windows cmdlet. I thought Linux SDK should provide equivalent functionality and was looking for a command to do the same. But looks like Linux SDK has limited support for managing roles/workers sites and configuring –  himanshu Jun 22 '12 at 21:16
Yes, you are right. Linux SDK provide commands to manage Virtual Machines mainly. –  AvkashChauhan Jun 22 '12 at 21:19

I checked the source of the Linux CLI (service.js) and it looks like there is no way to create a hosted service (which would contain your web role) through the command line.

The only operations available are:

  • list
  • delete [name]
  • portal [name]
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