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i want to change image using innerhtml of img tag when i click on it my code is given below

tempData +='<td >';

        tempData +='<img src="'+frontImg+'" id='+ii+' onClick="flipImage(;" />';//from where flipImage call
        tempData +='</td>';

it works fine but it change image when it return form the function but i wanted to change it before flipImage return

    function flipImage(m)

        var jsonLen = jsonImages.images.length;
        var imgNumber = finalImageArray[m];
        for(jsn = 0;jsn <jsonLen ;jsn++)
            if(jsonImages.images[jsn].imageKey== imgNumber)
                realImage = jsonImages.images[jsn].imagePath;
                var element = document.getElementById(m);
//              var mg = '<img src="bool.jpg" />'; // change when this line execute what should i put here.?
                //element.innerHTML=mg; want like this.

                       //this is actual code but it change image after returning the function  so i don't want this.
            element.setAttribute('onclick', ''); 


so i wanted to change image before flipImage return. this is just a sample code and

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img tags are empty – Musa Jun 21 '12 at 19:52
An <img> element has no innerhtml - it's a singleton and will most likely NEVER have child elements, which is what innerhtml is for. – Marc B Jun 21 '12 at 19:53
Reference: //this is actual code but. Why not run function to change image, then return back here so flipImage function then will continue? Also, does your Question Title reflect img innerHTML for the tempData variable... meaning you want the change to occur with that? – arttronics Jun 21 '12 at 20:19
because I want to to flip image but if images are not same then user can see the preview of second image. actually it is a game if two images are not same then user can see the images for a while and then close if the images are not same then it not changes the images. – yogesh patel Jun 22 '12 at 4:38

You can't use innerHTML for <img /> tags as they don't have HTML inside them, they're singletons and have no inside contents.

Just use imgElement.setAttribute('src', 'http://...'); to change the image.

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