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Right now the problem is that the first time when I click the image, the animation will happen as how I wanted it. However when I click on the same image the second time, it simply enlarge the size of the image within 0 sec without the animation transition.

var tempHolders = new Array(); 
    $('ul li img').each(                 
        function(){ $(this).click(function($e){                          
            if( tempHolders[$(this).attr('src')]==null){
                  tempHolders[$(this).attr('src')] = $(this).clone();
                   width: '1000px'
            backbutton.innerHTML='GO BACK';
                     // return false;
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Unrelated to your question, you can shorten and make your code more efficient by just using $('element').click(function() {...}); instead of using $(this).click(...) inside eaches –  Chen Asraf Jun 21 '12 at 20:00

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If im not wrong you need to set back the width of the attribute to 0 in your backbutton function. You can easily access it using .attr()

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thank you, you are absolutely right. –  Chen Lu Jun 21 '12 at 20:43

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