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I am trying to get an example application running with blackberry-py. I adhered to the instructions at link: http://hg.microcode.ca/blackberry-py/wiki/Home , however when trying the "import bbpy" statement I received the following error: import Error: No module named Qtcore.

Print screen of Trace : http://imgur.com/csRJ4

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Your version of PySide does not have a module QtCore. Also note that it's trying to import Qt from there, not qt so it makes sense that import qt will give an error.

Are you sure you installed compatible versions of PySide and bbpy? Check the versions and lookup if they're indeed compatible.

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Thanks for the response. I downloaded a pre-built version of PySide that is supposed to be compatible, as it was provided with bbpy. I suppose building PySide myself is the next approach.. –  bbpy-newb Jun 22 '12 at 14:46

It turns out those packages are not for PC but for playbook. Solution is to download PyQt or QT Thanks to @peter9477 and timeless for the help on #bbx-python on freenode.net. If you're interested in the BBPy project check it out here : http://blackberry-py.microcode.ca/ and here: http://hg.microcode.ca/blackberry-py/wiki/Home .

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