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I've trying to setup my calipso site with nodejitsu mongo database.

On Step 1: Configure MongoDB I copied Connection url from jitsu databases list and put it into MongoDB URI field. All works fine as on Create Admin User step. But on the third (Add Features) step, after I clicked on the Save Configuration and Install button (with default settings) I have:

Whups. We'll try to lock that down.

Something on the server didn't work quite right.


on the page.



in the console.

After all, when I trying do it with local mongo database - everything worked allright.

Any suggestion what I doing wrong and how I can use calipso site on the nodejitsu hosting?

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It's possible you just have your mongodb misconfigured. What logs do you see when you run jitsu logs app? Perhaps they include more details about the error you're seeing.

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Actually, I didn't deploy my app, when trying to "install" it, as I wrote above. I launched it locally with remote mongo database. But when I do, It still just "undefined" in app logs. –  paxapy Jun 22 '12 at 13:47

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