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I am porting my webapp to a native app thanks to Phonegap. Everything works great but Addthis (it seems to be a problem with file references since I get a "URL not found on this server" error but I could not solve it and scripts are loaded on the fly from Addthis servers anyway).

I read here that Sharethis would not work without resorting to some Objective-C coding either.

Is there a simple way (i.e. without any Objective-C knowledge) to have a social media plugin with some advanced features (like counters) work with Phonegap?

If no, I will resort to a simple jQuery plugin instead...

Thanks a lot for your help

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Looking for something similar so if you find anything, post it here! Thanks! – Gowiem Jun 25 '12 at 3:12
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What content are you expecting people to like ? If its a page internal to the app then they won't be able to like an internal local URL. If you want them to 'like or share' your app you will need to create a Facebook app page or look at adding Facebook plugin to post to peoples wall.

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There is a problem with the script that the Add This Plugin generates. I got round this by copying the javascript locally and changing the variable _atr to be http//

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