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I have some XML that looks like

<page id="1">
   <page id="2">
      <page id="3">
   <page id="4"></page>
   <page id="5"></page>

What I'm trying to do is pull out the top level <page> in the top <subpages> tag meaning I'm trying to pull out pages 2, 4, and 5, but not 3.

Right now I'm doing //subpages[1]/page but this gets all the pages inside of the first subpages tag. Is there a way to do this?

I'm able to do this in jQuery with

var c = $(data).find("subpages").first();
$(c).children("page").each(function() {});

If I can't get a proper xpath to work, is there a way to make Nokogiri behave like jQuery does?

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The simplest way would be:


More explicitly:


Also, you could've done this (but I try to avoid //):

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The equivalent of your jQuery would be:

doc.at('subpages').xpath('page').each do |page|
    puts page.attr('id')


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