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I'm trying to make a simple game (it is a school work) in JavaFX and I am trying to clear the panel with the board, and then just repaint it. I have tried a lot of methods, and this one is the only one I found that removes all the pieces of the board (visually) without creating a visual bug that show's a piece that has already been deleted but it is still shown.

So I declare the gridPane like this:

private GridPane gridPecas;

public void start(Stage primaryStage)
    gridPecas = new GridPane();


    // rest of the code to create and paint the Stage

 private void paintBoard()
    // Code to fill the board with ImageView and Images of the pieces

The problem with this method, is that when the "gridPecas.getChildren().clear();" is called I just loose the grid lines from the GridPanel.

How can I solve this problem?

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setGridLinesVisible(boolean) is for debug only:


You can't even change the gridLines color for exemple.

So you should find another way to make your gridlines, and then call


because it's better than gridPecas.getChildren().removeAll(pecasFX[i][j]);

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Hmm my suggestion is not to clear all children at all. Always leave the imageViews and just replace the images they show. To "clear" the board put an "empty" image.

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Thank you for your answers, but I've just found the perfect solution xD Instead of doing "gridPecas.getChildren().clear();" I just do this in the for cycle : "gridPecas.getChildren().removeAll(pecasFX[i][j]);" So that when reading the piece it deletes it from the grid, and, thanks to the original "fill board" code, he hads a new one leaving the border clean and updated. –  aliasbody Jun 22 '12 at 16:25

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