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Is there a possibility to have a sitewide variables in Yesod? Suppose, I have main menu which entries are gathered from DB and that is rendered on every page: should i fetch entries manually in each handler?

I've tried to do this in Foundation.hs in instance Yesod App declaration in defaultLayout:

    instance Yesod App where

    defaultLayout widget = do
      entries <- runDB $ selectList [RubricOnTop ==. True] []

But this fails to compile: i have a type mismatch Entity with RubricGeneric.


    $forall rubric <- map entityVal rubrics

in default-layout-wrapper.hamlet. Haven't found solution to do this in defaultLayout function yet.

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The code you've shown is fine, but you'll need to keep in mind when using entries that the type is Entity Rubric, not Rubric.

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