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I have a method in which I set some properties in a VO. The method looks some thing like below:

public void methodToPopulateVO(MyVO vo)
    BackendClass bClass = new BackendClass();
    vo.setA(bClass.getA()); //Line 1
    vo.setB(bClass.getB()); //Line 2
    vo.setC(bClass.getC()); //Line 3

Any of these methods getA(), getB(), getC() can throw an exception. My requirment is if getA() is throwing some exception still code at Line 2 and Line 3 should execute. This applies to each line (e.g. if Line 2 causes an exception, Line 3 should still execute). I can not change implemenatation of BackendClass. What exception handling technique should I implement which will have less performance impact, as performance is a measure factor for our application?

Note the real system has about 20 fields, not just 3.

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What do you believe are the options? – Dave Newton Jun 21 '12 at 23:20
Since you have to catch the exceptions, every solution (explicit catch, finally, well that's it) will be pretty much the same. – Voo Jun 21 '12 at 23:31

Here's one way:

public void methodToPopulateVO(MyVO vo){
    BackendClass bClass = new BackendClass();
    try {
        vo.setA(bClass.getA()); //Line 1
    } catch (Exception e) {
    // same for the next 2 method calls.

Now when getA() throws an exception, you log the event and keep on executing.

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yes you should use the exception handling cause any exception can throw your methods i.e.


you should write within try and catch and use the appropriate exception class to handle it or use Exception class in catch ....

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