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For some reason I can not load any image that has more than 200 pixels in either width or height without getting a OOM error. To fix this I lowered the amount of pixels on my images but now they all look blurry. Does anyone know the best way to load higher quality images without getting this error. Also I have tried manually recycling my bitmaps but when doing so it seems to just give me the out of memory error no matter what size the images are.

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are you only loading one of these images (200px) and getting an OOM error? or, are you loading many? are you running in a severely memory constrained environment? (are you using a simulator, or a real phone, and if so, which model ... and how much free memory) – Nate Jun 22 '12 at 0:10

The inSampleSize of the BitmapFactory.Options class can solve your issue, Try to see the officiel android docs Loading Large Bitmaps Efficiently and you will get it work.

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