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How do I fetch current weather-temperature (based on ZipCode), using XCode with Objective-C? Is there an API (framework/library)? I can't seem to find one using Google. With the project I'm working on right now, all I need to do is simply fetch an integer (e.g., degrees fahrenheit).

**This is for Mac OS X, not iOS.

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Here are five different ones you can look into.


Do any fit your needs?

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These are good, thanks! –  DiscreteGenius Aug 8 '13 at 22:56
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I use World Weather Online. It's free and pretty comprehensive. It will fit your needs, of course. Here is the local weather API, where you can input zip codes.

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OpenWeatherMap gets my vote. I wrote a wrapper for it so that you don't have to touch the JSON. The link is here if it helps - http://jonathanfield.me/objective-c-openweathermap-api-wrapper/

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