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im just finish my first app and will submit it to the Apple Store. In the app i present a point in the map but always with the latitude and longitude. The question is: Do i need verify the user connection? If i dont do this my app will be rejected?

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What do you mean by verify the connection? –  Gruntcakes Jun 22 '12 at 3:19
I mean verify the internet connection, like use the Apple Reachability example. I read in some place that if i say in pinfo file that i use internet connection and my app dont use it it may be rejected. – –  Diogo Jun 22 '12 at 16:06

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If you mean whether or not you need to check for an active internet connection, you could just implement it to be safe. Here is a thread detailing the check:

How to check for an active Internet Connection on iPhone SDK?

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