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What is the starting point for my Rhodes mobile application , the way I understand it , that Rhodes is an MVC based framework, let's assume that when I start the application, I will need to make some validation before deciding which is the appropriate view to show, like as for example if the user is an admin then I will need to show admin view .

I can't find the main controller to do such a thing, all what I can see is index.erb, but what I'm trying to find is the main controller to decide if i'm going to use index.erb or any other view .

I'm sure there must be work around to do that, please note that i'm very new to Rhomobile .

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Please check how to use the rhoconfig.txt so that you can set what Controller you would like to call when app start.


You can then write your own logic for handling users.

You can also point to app/Settings/login so that you can handle the logic in do_login method

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oh thanks, very interesting , anyways as u mentioned here , if I change options_path = '/app/Settings' , the first thing i can work on is the controller there , but as for the main root , where is the main controller ? –  Eqbal Jun 22 '12 at 13:19

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