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public enum ShowProductOn : short


    HomePage = 1,

    SalesPage = 2,

    NewsLetter = 4


Valid values for this enum:

1 - HomePage

2 - SalesPage

3 - HomePage, SalesPage

4 - NewsLetter

5 - HomePage, NewsLetter

6 - SalesPage, NewsLetter

7 - HomePage, SalesPage, NewsLetter

I would like to write a criteria that returns all the products on homepage. To check it in c# is very simple:

if ((MY_PARAM & ShowProductOn.HomePage) == ShowProductOn.HomePage)


in Sql it's also very simple:

DECLARE @BitMask int = 3

IF ((@BitMask & 1) = 1)




This is the NH Criteria that I wrote to return all products on homepage (should match 1|3|5|7):

ICriteria criteria = NHibernateSession.CreateCriteria() .Add(Restrictions.Eq("ShowProductOn", ShowProductOn.HomePage));

This criteria returns only items with "ShowProductOn"=1 but ignores the other matched items with "ShowProductOn"=3|5|7.

Does anyone knows the ICriteria /HQL syntax to write a criteria that will return all items with "ShowProductOn"=1|3|5|7 ?


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I solved this one mapping the flag enum to a string type, then using Restrictions.Like for quering values:

Property definition:

public virtual DaysOfWeek Weekdays {
  get { return (DaysOfWeek)System.Enum.Parse(typeof(DaysOfWeek), _weekdays); }
  set { _weekdays = value.ToString(); }
private string _weekdays = "All";

Property mapping (using hbm.xml file)

<property name="Weekdays" column="WEEKDAYS" access="field.camelcase-underscore" not-null="false" />

And finally the criteria query:

Restrictions.Like("Weekdays", ConvertToDaysOfWeek(time.DayOfWeek).ToString(), MatchMode.Anywhere);

Hope this helps.

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