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When I installed MVC4 beta on a development PC, it had a template for SPA (Single Page Application). Today on a different PC with the same setup (VS2010 SP1, win7), I installed MVC4 RC but no longer is the SPA template available (see image). Any one else having this issue? or is this a documented change that I could not find?

enter image description here

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Changes from ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta

The major changes from ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta in this release are summarized below:

Removed ASP.NET Single Page Application: ASP.NET Single Page Application (SPA) shipped with ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta as an early preview of the experience for building applications that include significant client-side interactions using JavaScript. SPA won’t ship with the final MVC 4 release, but will continue to evolve outside of the MVC 4 release. Check out the ASP.NET SPA home page for details.


P.S., Wow I am glad that I didn't use it for an app I build right now. I was considering it 3 months ago, but decided not to risk it because MS said that it is experimental.

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The answer right in the release notes, Should of read more carefully. I was about to use it for an App. Glad I waited until it came out of beta to do so. – mateuscb Jun 22 '12 at 1:44

It's still possible to build SPA after installing the MVC4 RC framework.

One solution is to take the code from the nightly builds of ASP.NET MVC4 and correct the errors as explained by Peter Porfy here.

Another solution is to start a new project as an empty MVC4 application and include the older versions of the MVC4 bits from a custom MyGet feed as explained by me here.

The first solution is moving forward with the active development. The second is about leaning back a bit and stick with what works until Microsoft releases an official SPA package.

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You can get the SPA template in the Fall 2012 update. More information on the template here and here.

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It`s very risky now

For example if you try to run it with System.json for serialization it runs well with WebApi and DBDATAContext methods but it`s impossible to use it with Entities relationship entity circular errors and so on. (There is a solution to change private access of method get, but would be too much work to have to change in all the access methos of all your entities.

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