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How to write a bash script using sftp command to download files? I can use the following command to login to the remote machine, however I need to type in the password manually.

bash-3.2$ sftp -o "Port 22022" mike@s-edm-ssh.local.files.stack.com
mike@s-edm-ssh.local.files.stack.com's password: 
Connected to s-edm-ssh.local.files.stack.com.

How to do the sftp without the password prompt?

If I like to download aaa.txt file at /remote/mike/files to my local directory /local/mike/downloaded, how to build a script to do all of these work?

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You need to setup public key authentication - hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu/~dhsu/ssh_public_key_howto.html –  jordanm Jun 22 '12 at 1:59

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Since sftp runs over SSH, you can place your public key on the remote server.

If for some reason you can't place your key on the server, then you can write an Expect script to send your password when the prompt appears. See this example.

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