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I'd like to set defaults for a set of ranges.

here are my defaults:

options = {0: 'red',  20: 'yellow', 50: 'blue', 80: 'green'}

here is my argument

value = 10

how do I efficiently create this:

case value
when value < 10
when value < 20
when value < 50
when value < 80

from an object/hash data type?

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Your options hash doesn't match your case statement; you don't have an option for gold. Just to make sure we get what you have in mind. –  Jacob Mattison Jun 22 '12 at 2:50

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In ruby case statements can take ranges. It's pretty sweet actually...

color = case value
        when (0...10)
        when (10...20)
        when (20...30)
        when (30...40)
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