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In the below program,i am not getting values from printf.


int main()
    struct book
        char name;
    float price;
    int pages;
    struct book b1,b2,b3;

    printf("enter names prices & no. of pages of 3 books\n");
    scanf("%c %f %d",&b1.name,&b1.price,&b1.pages);
    scanf("%c %f %d",&b2.name,&b2.price,&b2.pages);
    scanf("%c %f %d",&b3.name,&b3.price,&b3.pages);
    printf("and this is what you entered\n");
    printf("%c %f %d",&b1.name,&b1.price,&b1.pages);
    printf("%c %f %d",&b2.name,&b2.price,&b2.pages);
    printf("%c %f %d",&b3.name,&b3.price,&b3.pages);
    return 0;

and this output I am getting

enter names prices & no. of pages of 3 books
a 34.6 23
b 23.4 34
c 63.5 23

and this is what you entered

0.000000 0∞ 0.000000 0╪ 0.000000 0Press any key to continue . . .

Why isn't the output matching the input?

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Most printf() formats need a newline at the end, unless you're consciously building up a single line of output out of multiple calls to printf(). What's more, you may not see the output if you do not include a newline or use fflush(stdout) or fflush(0). –  Jonathan Leffler Jun 22 '12 at 4:12

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printf("%c %f %d",&b1.name,&b1.price,&b1.pages);
printf("%c %f %d",&b2.name,&b2.price,&b2.pages);
printf("%c %f %d",&b3.name,&b3.price,&b3.pages);

Too much copy and paste methinks. You are passing pointers when printf expects chars, same for the floats and ints.

You passed the address of those variables to scanf so that the function could change their value. When you use %d, %f, and %c printf expects an int (not a pointer to int), a float (not a pointer to float), and a char (not a pointer to char).

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thnx,i deleted & in printf statement,now its working properly. –  Ankit Mishra Jun 22 '12 at 4:17

There are multiple issues with your program:

  • char fits a single character. It is not big enough to store book's title.
  • You pass addresses to scanf, but you pass values to printf (i.e. no & on printf's parameters, except possibly to %p's parameters)
  • You do not need to fflush your input streams - it has no effect.

I think you should change char name to char name[101] (or whatever other max size you'd prefer), and scanf("%c...", &b1.name,...) for scanf("%100s...", b1.name,...). Note how the ampersand & is missing from b1.name: this is because arrays decay to pointers when passed to functions in C.

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Yes, I did. Sorry. –  Jonathan Leffler Jun 22 '12 at 5:35
@JonathanLeffler OK, I deleted the comment :) –  dasblinkenlight Jun 22 '12 at 12:22

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