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I am looking for a web-based application (like a CRM with sales/order management) with the following specifications:

PURPOSE: It will be used for internal usage for my wife's small store in order to: a) keep clients' data, b) record client orders, c) assign orders to staff, d) keep track of orders, e) generate sales reports. Clients won't have access to it, I just need something for the staff to use for better organization instead of keeping all data on paper books.

PRICE: Preferably FREE or with a really small fee, as it's a start-up business and I am trying to convince them to replace paper stuff hoping it will help organizing orders.

PREFERRED TECHNOLOGY: PHP + MySQL (would love open-source so I can make code modifications if needed)

AVAILABLE RESOURCES: Linux virtual server with node root access (can set-up anything needed, I'd prefer it to be light-weight though)


  • Supporting 2-3 sales users (+ 1 administrator)
  • Client management (adding contact info: name, address, phone, email, url)
  • Product management (adding products: id, description, price, photo)
  • Orders management (adding orders: associate to client, assign to sales user, choose products, total price, add notes, keep track of current order status like: processing, waiting parts, waiting client's confirmation, ready, shipped, received payment, etc)
  • Report management (calculate sales per month/year, per client, per sales user, etc)
  • Customizable (hiding unused columns/fields from forms to make it simpler for sales staff, unless it's quite light-weight already)


  • iPhone / Android application (not really needed, if it has a mobile theme or lightweight website)
  • Calendar / Task / Notes manager (keep notes for buying parts, etc)
  • Messaging or notes system between the users (not really necessary, but it would be nice)
  • Generating order status URL (without client's login) for clients to view current status (not really necessary, but would be nice)
  • Migration with site/e-shop for future use (i.e OS Commerce, virtuemart), although I'm not planning an e-shop anytime soon

ANY suggestions and advises are welcome :-)

Thank you!

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That's nice. However, SO isn't a recommendation engine (well, a few questions slide from time to time...) There may be more appropriate forums to ask this question (webmasters?), but I know not which. –  user166390 Jun 22 '12 at 4:09
Thanks for your quick response! I'm new here and I apologize if it was bad idea to place such question, but I noticed there are a lot of people experienced with CRMs. My problem is that I don't even know which keywords are ideal for such software (CRM? ERP? Sales/Orders management? something else?) and I noticed that several free CRMs don't have sales/order management by default. Any ideas? –  AP2012 Jun 22 '12 at 4:17
It looks like the keyword I was looking for is "Sales force management" and I found several web software to try at: stackoverflow.com/questions/450204/free-crm-for-my-website/… –  AP2012 Jun 22 '12 at 4:55
Glad you found a listing :) –  user166390 Jun 22 '12 at 5:30

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You should try Yavvy (www.yavvy.com). It offers end-to-end customer engagement right from lead capture, lead nurture, quotes, order management, payment reminders and eventually support.


Disclaimer: I work there.

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