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I'm trying to get the local path of a image in order to upload it to a server. When using pre ICS it would get a standard path within the android device via getRealPathFromURI(theURI)

However with ICS URI will contain a uriString as something like : content://com.google.android.gallery3d.provider/picasa/item/12312312312312.

and running getRealPathFromURI(theURI) returns null

Do I now need to extract the above uriString and manually download the image via the API (if i detect that its a Picasa gallery image) rather than one locally stored? or am I completely missing something?

thanks for any advice


seems i was searching on the wrong question...

found the problem in the below link... which is pretty much what I expected I'd need to do. Pretty annoying google/android didn't handle this more elegantly.

To properly handle fetching an image from the Gallery you need to handle three scenarios:

  1. The user selected a local image file

  2. The user selected a Picasa image and the device is running Android version prior to 3.0

  3. The user selected a Picasa image and the device is running Android version 3.0 and higher


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That link was incredibly helpful. –  Calvin Nov 1 '12 at 0:39

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