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I have stumbled into the :not() selector on day 12 of Jquery.

I would like to select all the H1s except one, which includes text and a span with class containing more text. To help you understand the structure, here are some queries and the results:

query 1:

$('.block > section')

Results in:

<section class=​"businessapproaches">​…​</section>​
<section class=​"abstract">​…​</section>​
<section class=​"workexperience">​…​</section>​
<section class=​"academic">​…​</section>​
<section class=​"skillstable">​…​</section>​

query 2

$('.block > section > h1')

Results in:

<h1>​Business Approach​</h1>​
<h1>​Work Experience​</h1>​
<h1>​Academic Experience​</h1>​

As you can see, the last one doesn't have easy text to exclude. so you know what it is, here it is:

"Skills Table : "
<span class=​"skillstablevisibility">​Technologies / Compliance / Certifications​</span>​

For those of you about to suggest using the :last, i greatly appreciate it, but I would like to learn how to use the :not() selector for this problem, as I will likely be appending an additional section tomorrow, thus negating the :last. The good news it that after I add the new section, I can guarantee that I still will need to select all sections except the 'Skills Table', so your help will not go to waste!

These are what I have tried thus far:

Attempt by its index:

   $('.block > section > h1:not(:'$('.block > section > h1:nth-child(5)')')')

Attempt by its name:

$('.block > section > h1:not(:"Skills Table : "
    <span class=​"skillstablevisibility">​Technologies / Compliance / Certifications​</span>')')
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Try $('.block > section > h1:not(:has("span.skillstablevisibility"))) –  Joy Jun 22 '12 at 5:07
I would add a class to that H1 so you could directly use :not on it. Using :not in conjunction with child pseudo-selectors (eg :has and :contains) is expensive. If the H1 has class, you would use $('.block > section > h1:not(.skills)'). But if you must, Joy's answer works great. –  Christian Varga Jun 22 '12 at 5:12
Exactly, the selector expression I used is quite expensive. @chris if you have control over the markup creation, then add a class on the h1 instead. –  Joy Jun 22 '12 at 5:14

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You can do

$('.block > section > h1:not(:has("span.skillstablevisibility"))') 

That will not select any h1 which have a span.skillstablevisibility inside it.

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/joycse06/uZjJh/


As @Christian Varga commented above, the above selector expression is expensive, so if you have control over markup creation You can add the class to the h1 itself which will allow selectors like

$('.block > section > h1:not(.skillstable)');

Which will be better in performance.

And if you cant change the markup You can always use the first one anyway.

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+1... nice shot buddy. –  thecodeparadox Jun 22 '12 at 5:35

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