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Basically, I want the value to be passed from one div to other div through ajax call on success in the same page.

But still, I am able to do it using another page which get the value from div .And on success , the value is load to the other div.

Here are my codes:

My index.pl has following code.

 while($query->fetch()) {
    print qq( "<option id='$tblname_id'>$tblname_name</option>" );

print "<div id='body'></div>";

My script.js contains following code.

    var selected=$(this).val();
    var id=this.id;
    //alert(id);   //here I am getting the id of selected option
        url:"hello.pl", //instead of hello.pl,I want to do with index.pl itself
        success: function(msg){

Hello.pl contains


This one works.But when I do same with index.pl,it doesn't.

Can anyone tell me where is the problem.

In one line,my question is simple.

How to get value in a div through ajax call, sent from other div ,in the same page ? Any help will be helpful.


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How to get value in a div through ajax call, sent from other div ,in the same page ?

Take a look at jQuery's load() function. An Example:

$('#result').load('test.html #foo');

That would get contents of an element with id=foo and append the results to an element with id=result

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I want the id back in the other div.SO that,I can use it for further purpose.Only loading the other div isn't a problem.Basically,I am not to get the id using $q->param('id') in the same page.How to get that ? – vijay Jun 22 '12 at 6:10

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