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I'm working on a jqplot horizontal stacked bar graph. I want to hide all the labels from the x and y axis. I was able to hide the x axis labels and markers but when I'm trying to hide the y axis label one entry remains there.

This is what I wants

This is what I've
enter image description here
The highlighted portion has to be hidden.

You can find a working sample here.

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I did something like this before. Please check out this answer. I think it is related to your problem. For you the important part is the one under the axesDefaults.

I tested the mentioned solution on your code sample and it doesn't appear to work when CategoryAxisRenderer is used. Thus, in your situation the only solution appear to be use jQuery and grab the ticks and hide them yourself just after you finish your plot - just like I show it here.

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You can just override the label to an empty string

yaxis: {
    ticks: ['']
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In this case the bar is not drawn at all – Piero Jan 22 '14 at 19:19

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