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I have to save webpage as image by passing page URL,i have found one solution on this thread Convert webpage to image from ASP.NET[^] but it doesn't give me proper image(e.g. tried URL http://www.bugmuncher.com/).

Also tried HTML to Image in C#[^] but not able to deal with IViewObject interface ,basically not able to add reference to get this interface.

I have to do something like http://www.usersnap.com does.I made it work on FF,Chrome and IE9 by using canvas element which is unfortunately not supported by IE8.

Can i get proper working solution for my need???

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When you state the the answer on SO doesn't give you a proper image what do you mean? –  Kane Jun 22 '12 at 6:23

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i think you mean taking a screenshot. Here you are a link about it.

C# - Capture screenshot of active window

But here i found on the site that just you want. Please check it.

Convert webpage to image from ASP.NET

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The webpage can be saved as image by 2 methods. 1. Press ctrl+p 2. Select "Send to onenote" in print prompt window. 3. Press ok. Now the image can be saved from the microsoft office -> microsoft onenotebook and rightclick on your content. save as the image file. Second method is by using snapshot via snipping tool.

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