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I'm having trouble getting my script to work properly when linking to FORTRAN libraries.

I have almost no experience with libraries, so I may use the incorrect terminology. I have a fortran module which uses the FMLIB fortran package. The FMLIB package contains three f95 files which I have compiled to .o files. This module is in turn used by a python module. In the file, I use Extension:

shapelets = Extension('PyCosmology.shapelets.fort.shapelets', 
                       libraries = [<DIRECTORY>./FM.o'

However, when I try installing it says that it can't use FMZM because no .mod file can be found. Am I supposed to use a different keyword in Extension to link to the libraries, or link to the mod files instead? Or is there something else I should be doing? The documentation for distutils is relatively sparse.

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Figured it out.

Just need to add include_dirs = ['<DIRECTORY WITH .MOD FILES>'] and library_dirs = [<DIRECTORY>] and then change the libraries keyword to contain only filenames with no path.

Seems to work.

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