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[Similarly sounding question currently active on SO is " Is there a visual modeling language or style for the functional programming paradigm? " which is different then this question because another is focusing only on Functional programming paradigm and my question is looking for a modeling tool which supports combination of Object Oriented Paradigm (which independently has many well established visual modeling UML tools) and Functional Programming Paradigm together.

Is there a visual modeling tool / language or style which supports Scala profile (provides and includes all Scala language artifacts) or can say that it supports the object oriented programming paradigm and the functional programming paradigm, together.

For an Enterprise scale Scala project, with what modeling tool - the business analyst prepare Visual Models or any other type of model(s) for Logical (conceptual) view and Development view?

  • The logical view is concerned with the functionality that the system provides to the end-users.
  • The development view illustrates a system from a programmer's perspective and is concerned with software management.

In certain circles of software development, formal modeling is a requirement, no matter how bureaucratic you consider this to be. There are several levels of involvement from different teams on the conclusion of a project and many of the people involved have no idea about the code. They don't need to have, it'd be a major hassle if that was asked of them. The formal modeling is there to assure that they'll get a better view of how things work so that they can perform their roles in the development. (This paragraph is taken from:

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Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be one available.

I have a PhD student friend who is working on formalising modelling techniques, however he is not building a PoC.

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What is a PoC ? – Optimight Jul 14 '12 at 0:44
Proof of Concept – A T Jul 14 '12 at 7:32

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