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Below code is working in IE8 but not in other browsers. The main problem is with the width.The size of shape i used is working in IE8 but not with other browsers. How can I make this code compatible with all browsers.

<meta name="author" content="Shivakumar">
<meta name="generator" content="">
<style type="text/css"> 
/*----------Text Styles----------*/
.ws6 {font-size: 8px;}
.ws7 {font-size: 9.3px;}
.ws8 {font-size: 11px;}
.ws9 {font-size: 12px;}
.ws10 {font-size: 13px;}
.ws11 {font-size: 15px;}
.ws12 {font-size: 16px;}
.ws14 {font-size: 19px;}
.ws16 {font-size: 21px;}
.ws18 {font-size: 24px;}
.ws20 {font-size: 27px;}
.ws22 {font-size: 29px;}
.ws24 {font-size: 32px;}
.ws26 {font-size: 35px;}
.ws28 {font-size: 37px;}
.ws36 {font-size: 48px;}
.ws48 {font-size: 64px;}
.ws72 {font-size: 96px;}
.wpmd {font-size: 13px;font-family: Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif;font-style: normal;font-    weight: normal;}
/*----------Para Styles----------*/
DIV,UL,OL /* Left */
 margin-top: 0px;
 margin-bottom: 0px;

<body bgColor="#FFFFFF">
   <div id="shape1" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:3px; top:50px;   width:993px; height:54px; z-index:0"><img border=0 width="100%" height="100%" alt=""       src="C:\Documents and Settings\snatarajan\Desktop\s\shapeSTUKG.gif"></div>

 <select name="formselect1" style="position:absolute;left:665px;top:65px;width:134px;z-     index:1">
 <option value="option1">option 1</option>
 <option value="option2">option 2</option>
 <input name="formtext1" type="text" style="position:absolute;width:433px;left:199px;top:64px;z-index:2">
 <input name="formbutton1" type="button" value="Go!" style="position:absolute;left:822px;top:65px;z-index:3">
 <div id="text1" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:53px; top:65px; width:114px; height:90px; z-index:4">
 <div class="wpmd">
 <div><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Book Antiqua" class="ws12" style="background- color:#99CCFF;"><B>type here</B></font></div>

 <div id="hr1" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:2px; top:104px;   width:994px; height:21px; z-index:5">
 <hr size=2 width=994 color="#99CCFF">

 <div id="text2" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:799px; top:19px;  width:55px; height:19px; z-index:6">
 <a href="ss_signup.html" target="iFrame1"><div class="wpmd">
 <div><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Calibri" style="background-color:#99CCFF;"><B>New  User</B></font></div>

 <div id="text3" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:883px; top:19px; width:45px; height:21px; z-index:7">
 <a href="ss_signin.html" target="iFrame1"><div class="wpmd">
 <div><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Calibri" style="background-color:#99CCFF;"><B>Sign- in</B></font></div>

 <div id="text4" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:863px; top:21px; width:10px; height:18px; z-index:8">
 <div class="wpmd">
 <div><font color="#3366FF" face="Calibri">|</font></div>

 <div id="text5" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:780px; top:20px;  width:10px; height:19px; z-index:9">
 <div class="wpmd">
 <div><font color="#3366FF" face="Calibri">|</font></div>
 <div><font face="Calibri"><BR></font></div>

 <div id="text6" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:738px; top:19px;    width:37px; height:20px; z-index:10">
 <div class="wpmd">
 <div><font color="#FFFFFF" face="Calibri" style="background- color:#99CCFF;"><B>Home</B></font></div>
 <div><font color="#99CCFF" face="Calibri" style="background- color:#FFFFFF;"><BR></font></div>

  <div id="iFrame1" style="position:absolute; left:0px; top:113px; z-index:11">
  <iframe name="iFrame1" width="988" height="647" src="" scrolling="no"   frameborder="0"></iframe>

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You have no Doctype, this will trigger Quirks mode in which browsers emulate bugs in older browsers. One of these bugs, in IE, is that it gets the CSS width property wrong.

Add a Doctype that triggers standards mode. This will add a great deal of consistency. You can then adjust the CSS to fix it.

Doctypes that trigger standards mode include the ones from the latest HTML specification, and the draft HTML 5 specification:


<!DOCTYPE html>

You should also validate your html and css.

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I've tried with the doctype in my code its not working. do i need to do anything with width? – shianra Jun 22 '12 at 6:55
Yes, you need to use it correctly (remembering that it refers to content width, not the space between the borders). – Quentin Jun 22 '12 at 7:04

You have some whitespaces inside your CSS (in the <style> tag and in the inline styles). For example, you have to change the following line

.wpmd {font-size: 13px;font-family: Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif;font-style: normal;font-    weight: normal;}


.wpmd {font-size: 13px;font-family: Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif;font-style: normal;font-weight: normal;}

Note the whitespaces between "font-" and "weight" at the end. Similar errors appear on multiple entries.

In Firefox you can see those CSS (and later on JS as well) errors by using CTRL + SHIFT + K .

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Thanks Sirko. I corrected but it is not working with other browsers.Width i am facing the problem – shianra Jun 22 '12 at 7:02

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