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I'm new to Core-Plot and trying to plot two graphs in two plotSpaces with different y axes. But the data sources are plotting the two graphs in default plotSpace.

My code snippet is like this:

CPTXYPlotSpace *plotSpace = (CPTXYPlotSpace *)self.graph.defaultPlotSpace;
plotSpace.xRange = [CPTPlotRange plotRangeWithLocation:CPTDecimalFromFloat(xmin) length:CPTDecimalFromFloat(xmax-xmin)];
plotSpace.yRange = [CPTPlotRange plotRangeWithLocation:CPTDecimalFromFloat(ymin) length:CPTDecimalFromFloat(ymax-ymin)];

// set the axes
CPTXYAxisSet *axisSet = (CPTXYAxisSet *)self.graph.axisSet;
CPTXYAxis *x = axisSet.xAxis;
x.coordinate = CPTCoordinateX;

CPTXYAxis *y = axisSet.yAxis;
y.coordinate = CPTCoordinateY;

//Adding second y-axis

CPTXYAxis *y2 = (CPTXYAxis *)[[CPTXYAxis alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectZero];
CPTXYPlotSpace *plotSpace2 = [[CPTXYPlotSpace alloc] init];
plotSpace2.xRange = plotSpace.xRange;
plotSpace2.yRange = [CPTPlotRange plotRangeWithLocation:CPTDecimalFromFloat(ymin) length:CPTDecimalFromFloat(ymax2 - ymin)];
[self.graph addPlotSpace:plotSpace2];
y2.plotSpace = plotSpace2;
y2.coordinate = CPTCoordinateY;

self.graph.axisSet.axes = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:x, y, y2, nil];

// Create a plot that uses the data source method for red graph
CPTScatterPlot *redPlot = [[CPTScatterPlot alloc] init];
redPlot.identifier = RED_PLOT;

CPTMutableLineStyle *lineStyle = [redPlot.dataLineStyle mutableCopy];
lineStyle.miterLimit = 1.0f;
redPlot.dataLineStyle = redLineStyle;
redPlot.dataSource = self;
[self.graph addPlot: redPlot];

// Create a plot that uses the data source method for green graph
CPTScatterPlot *greenPlot = [[CPTScatterPlot alloc] init];
greenPlot.identifier = GREEN_PLOT;

CPTMutableLineStyle *greenlineStyle = [greenPlot.dataLineStyle mutableCopy];
greenlineStyle.miterLimit = 1.0f;
greenPlot.dataLineStyle = greenLineStyle;
greenPlot.dataSource = self;
[self.graph addPlot: greenPlot];

I've two datasources (Mutable Arrays) for setting these plots. The graphs are plotting anyway, but the problem is both are plotting in default plotspace. The newly added plotspace doesn't contain any plot.

I've tried [self.graph addPlot:greenPlot toPlotSpace:plotSpace2]; also. The green plot was not drawn in the plot area. However the grid lines and axes of second plot space were drawn.

Where I'm doing wrong? Please guide me.

Thanks, Kris

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What is the value of ymax2? Is some of the data on the green plot between ymin and ymax2? – Eric Skroch Jun 22 '12 at 23:23
Thanks Eric for pointing out where the problem was. ymin is set as 0.0 and ymax2 is set as 10.0. But the plot data for green plot were not in between this range. I edited plot data so that it comes within the second plot space's yRange . Now the green plot is displaying. For confirming, I've give user interaction to second plot space as plotSpace2.allowsUserInteraction = YES; Now, the green plot is moving with the second plot space confirming that it is in second plot space. Thanks for the response. – Kris Jun 25 '12 at 5:08
@Kris If that solved your problem, you should write it up as the solution. – ThomasW Aug 24 '15 at 4:44

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