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I am trying to create an OSGI project on IntelliJ Idea but so far couldn't make it. I can change the facet after creating a Java project but it isn't the one I want.

In eclipse, while I am creating the project ( Plugin Project ) I can select it to be an OSGI project thus IDE helps me to create required project structure.

But in IntelliJ Idea it is not - at least I couldn't find it -

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Have a look to Osmorc. Its for OSGi development in Intellij. If you are familiar with Maven you can use a combination of Bnd Framework and maven-bundle-plugin. With the last one you are independend of the IDE you are using

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I have osmorc installed on my IDEA instance. I'll check for maven-bundle-plugin as well. –  Olgun Kaya Jun 25 '12 at 4:55

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